Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goal for life

Have you set your goal for life?

Hmm, I can confidently said yes, I had.

Actually, years ago when I'm still 14 or 15, I had already set a goal for myself. I wanted to be a mortician when I graduated from poly. Anyway, mortician is another work for undertaker (so as not to scare those ppl out there.)

I know, the job scope for a mortician is kinda tough. Also, the path for being a mortician is tough too. You got to get a diploma cert for this (some bio-medical cert), then got to work in NUH first and a cert will be issued by the Government to proved that you are actually qualified to be a mortician. Well, this is when you want to get a local cert. The path may be long but that's my goal for my life since years. I had never wanted to drop this goal of mine at any point of time, not at all.

However, past 1 year, I lost faith in this goal. I was occupied by IT stuff. I fall for IT stuff or I should say, I actually love IT stuff since I touched on it which is like when I'm 13. 1 year ago, I told myself that I shouldn't have a goal that is unrealistic. I got to get another diploma to achieve my goal. Why not, stick to my current diploma (IT) and get on with it since I'm loving it so much too. Dilemma then came looking for me. My initial goal was then my second choice at that point of time. My new goal was to be a IT professional in the prison. (Another weird goal though)

Recently, I came across the casket category in the yellow pages. Then, I recalled back what was actually my initial goal. I approached Dad for help as I remembered that he told me once that he got friend working in this industry. He approached his friend. His friend agreed to help me with it and take me as his disciple once I graduate from poly as long as I'm willing to do it. He told me, he will issue me the recognized cert and need not go on further studies if I'm willing to learn and if I got the guts to learn all these things.

Now, I totally know what my goal is. I had planned for it.

Goal is something you wanted to achieve at the end of everything. You can give up on it, but don't regret. Once you have set it as your goal, achieve it regardless of how tough the path may be.

Plan it and start to work on it. Else, you will be spending your time. Spend your time wisely. Start thinking bout your goal so as not to waste any more of your time. Set your goal wisely too. Don't set it for the sake of setting it. Make sure you love what you are doing now and don't care bout how others look at you.

Just look at my goals. People out there said that I'm weird, I'm crazy to have such goals. Still, there are still people out there standing by my side to support me.

So, the question to you is, have you got any goal?

P/S: Sorry for the whole chunk of words here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Been so busy

As mentioned in the title of this post, i had been busy for the 1 whole month.

I lost contact with my friends, with my facebook and with my blog.
I only can find time for my twitter. Thanks to the phone!
I can hardly find time for me to contact and go out with friends.
I can hardly have time to on my laptop to login to my facebook and blog.

I'm so so busy with work. God. Work loads had been adding onto my shoulder. Everyday stress like an idiot, bringing home those work home to get them done but the pay is like so fucking low that could cover up my expenses. I know I shouldn't have complain cause I choose this path. I opt for internship when I was given a choice to do PP.

But, never had I thought that it would be so tough. )):

Well, on surface, yes, I had been complaining since day 1. However, on the other hand, in my heart, I knew, everything is for my own good. Regardless of the distance, pay, work load, I shall look on the bright side. Hmmm, at least I made quite a number of good friends cum colleagues now. (Of course, esp the handsome one. Heeh!)

But seriously, working at Addon Systems is really a good experience for me. Better than those working in some shitty companies, doing cheap labour.

At least I got to touch on a project the company is looking into now. I got to work on real life thing rather than working on some nonsense problems the school gave us everyday. I got to face the real society out there.

Most importantly, I got to wake up in the morning and squeeze with the rest of those working adults in the train. (which fucking make me look like an auntie, snatching seats with those working adults!) HAHAHA! (That's not the most importantly thing though. I just anyhow-ed through this paragraph)

Alright alright, heading to bed now. Work awaits for me tomorrow (okay, more to like later on!)

Goodnight peeps! Rest early! ((:

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Daddy so handsome

Daddy fetch me from work today again. Thanks dad.

We pass by 99 route and he said he shall drive on 99 route with his lorry. Cool much right!! Not with his old Honda Civic but with his company lorry! I don't know why, I just find it cool to drive on 99 route with a lorry! Sweee la, dad!

We witnessed a small car incident at the highway exit near my house today. There was this motorbiker (sb cool one). He wore the cute helmet, ride on his yellow mini bike. He is maybe 23 years old? Cool much not! Aiya, just fucking cute and cartoon la. Dad and I were discussing bout how cute he is then he suddenly got bang by a care.

He was bang by a car at his right when trying to avoid another car on his left. Guess what. That car bang and run. Dad and I witnessed the whole incident. h

Dad then went down to help him. Picked up all his belongings that fall from his bike, pushed his bike to shoulder lane and control the traffic. I helped, of course. Okay, by just giving him tissue to clean his wound. I'm the one cleaning his wound! I can feel his pain!!

Anyway, that guy fucking cute. His appearance and the way he said things. ((:

I was asking why would Dad help cause I don't expect his to stop at the shoulder lane and went down to help. Know what. He told me it because that guy fucking cute and cartoon. Most importantly, he is chinese. HAHAHA! He said, if that was a malay, he wouldn't give a damn to it. HAHAHAHA!

Dad sb handsome today. He bought me to 99 route with his lorry. Followed by helping a young man when he met an incident. The way I look at how Dad help him, the effort he put in without asking anyth in return really touches me. He even offered that guy a trip to his destination when we can reach home like in 5 mins. Though that guy say its ok, I just find my Dad handsome in a way.

Anyway, like father like daughter yeah?
He handsome = I pretty. HAHAHAHA!

P/S: You can actually ignore the above sentence. HAHAHA!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I don't know what to do.

We don't know each other. I guess you at least know that there's someone name Reveelow. Okay, at least we often see each other which make me sure to confirm that at least you met me before.

We did say hi together before when our mutual friends meet.
Well, do you remember that?

I wanted to know you so badly.

Do you do the same thing as me?

Could you please have the same thinking with me too?

Do you think of me randomly though we only met few times but didn't really talk to each other?

But first, do you really know who am I?

This is call first sight love?

Or had I think too much?

Monday, February 21, 2011

You told me you'll bring me to the place you love one day and we will spend a day there.

I passed by the place today and recall how harsh you told me few days back.
You told me you no longer love the place and you won't take me there anymore.

Is that the case or its just simply you changed?




Friday, January 07, 2011

Today is a happy day

Things might not turn out well ytd but things will definitely turn out well one day. AS what PIGUjay told me, everything will be okay, maybe not now, but eventually!

I cried yesterday, I told myself.

Indeed, today is a better day. Things turned out well today. All the misunderstandings are cleared. I should have known earlier that what mum did is all for my own good.

Afterall, 哪一个父母不会担心儿女,哪一个父母不是为了儿女好?
Afterall, parents will be the one standing by your side always.

2 happy things for today.
#1: I booked my TP (like a finally)! Finally I made up my mind to bet it with my UT3 dates. And finally made up the time slots which are available for me and hoping it will not clash with my UT3 (if any).

#2: My fred perry bag is finally sent to me. Woohoo. I received it when I got home! :D

Anyway, been addicted to typing chinese randomly in a sentence. All thanks to #happypills esp D. Thanks uh!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I'm no one to compete

I'm sorry mum and dad for making such a disgrace to you guys. I know deep down in your heart, you guys are wondering why can't Eileen be your daughter, why am I yours.

She's studying in TP, I'm studying in RP.
She studies business, I study IT.
She goes home after school, I head home only till night falls.
She attends all the lessons and lectures, I skipped lessons.
Her gpa is 3.68, mine is only 2.90.
She tops in her class, I think I'm the bottom few.
She doesn't scold vulgarities, I always scold vulgarities.
She doesn't talk back, I do talk back.
She is a good daughter, I admit that I'm not as good as her.
She did her parents proud, I only disgrace to you.

I know, she is 100% much better than me. I didn't do everything well. She did everything almost perfectly done.

I'm no one to compare with her. I always lost to her, from young till now. I don't think I got any right to compete with her anyway. Yes, I'm a loser.

I lost everything to her, even now, my dignity is lost.

Mum and dad, I'm sorry to have not make you proud. I know, I'm just a disgrace to you just because I'm your daughter. I know, you guys wanted her so much to be your daughter.

I'm sorry, really.